Wow, white hair fetish. That says something I'd rather not admit.

I really need to get my shit together and become a master artist. But, for now, I post some practice shit. Some of it is pretty, some, not so pretty.

Take it slow now, mind your head.

I am counting the days when Rubber Soul and the baby, even Runaway girl come to the Jojo anime.

But the one I’m really waiting for is Terence T Darby. Ahhh~


my favorite part of vento aureo is when giorno realizes that the gang he’d been trying to join for years is a bunch of five year olds who are trying to get him to drink pee

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I forgot Jin Akanishi was in 47 Ronin.

Dramatic Gangstars

Dramatic Gangstars


JoJoveller CM with the Passione boys!